Community Market Watch

A "Market Watch" for the current available C/UC foils.

1. Theyre based on TCG Player, eBay sold, and eBay currently for sale, I simply input the average for the card in the list below

2. Theyre rounded up to the nearest $.50, all prices are USD

3. Since the market is so volatile right now, there are a few cards that i noticed are curving up (Most Notible Android 16, Shugesh, March of the Great Apes)

4. I will try to update this as often as possible. More than likely it will happen every Wednesday

It would still be useful to do research on the cards before selling but as of right now, you can use this as a guide to give you an idea to where things stand currently

For any questions feel free to contact me Beto Suarez on the facebook community group page!

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