Anotha One: ARG Indy Weekend Wrap-Up

ARG Indy has come to wraps and Team Pro-Play Games has won Another one.

Chris Abella of PPG was the last man standing in a field of 250+ players. Chris (Blue/Green Soul Striker) played in the finals versus Gen-Con winner Anthony Hernandez (Blue/Red Vegeta).

Fans were torn between rooting for the villainous team vs villainous community member. Regardless it was a great game and Chris continued keeping the streak of trophies in Florida.

The New Engla…I mean PPG and team member Eddit St Hillaire made a post asking for Marcel Russell to be a bounty, which lead to others making posts and creating controversy among the group for the bounty system.

The bounty system was made by ARG owner Jim McMahen purely out of his generosity, thus it reflect entitlement from the players to demand to be made bounty. However, Marcel definitely deserved to be a bounty, and thus he was one for ARG Indy!

Daniel Barnes from the admin team of Facebook group DBSTCG Duelist was also a bounty at this event.

The bounty system is fair, fun and exciting and all players should be appreciative of it.

The 8 rounds of swiss ended and only top 16 was determined to be top cut. It was a pretty brutal bubble at 18 points.

The tournament was once again mainly of Soul Striker, Frieza and Vegeta leaders.

The top 4 decks featured all different leaders, truly reflecting a diverse game!

The top 16 deck breakdown:

  • 5x Vegeta
  • 3x Soul Striker
  • 3x Mecha-Frieza
  • 2x Android 17
  • Cell
  • Trunks
  • Golden Frieza

The Challonge Bracket can be found here.

The Decklists and final standings can be found here.

There was no live stream from ARG Indy but no worries! Kitchen Table Meta was doing a recording session and was able to record some great gameplay. The recordings aren’t on their youtube channel yet but keep an eye for them. You can watch them here

Popular streamer Scotch (Tyler Janesek) was able to make top cut for the first time!

Scotch was playing a Blue/Green Soul Striker which was different than his usually Gotenks love. He unfortunately lost in top 16 to Jacob Maynard.

Anthony Hernandez has made top cut in every event he has gone too, and this time he finally dominated his way to the finals.

Along his way he defeated previous ARG Richmond champion Peter Cattani in top 4. However Anthony was stopped in his tracks by Chris Abella, and finished in 2nd place.

The Hill brothers were planning to attend Indy, but unfortunately couldn’t due to illness in the family. We wish them a well and speedy recovery.

Although the most dominating NFL team lost this weekend, not the case for Dragonball Super CCG. Team Pro-Play games has once again done it and added anotha one to their trophy cabinet. Will anyone be able to stop this team? Every event they go to, many of them make top cut. They are the clear cut favors for Charlotte, we will see if they get dethroned.

Chris Abella – Using Blue/Green Soul Striker he was able to get 1st. He defeated notable players such as Marquis McKinney, Jovad Cruz, Aaron Tarbell and finally Anthony Hernandez.

Watch his deck profile:

Peter ‘Gaston’ Cattani – Dressed up as Gaston, Peter made his way to top cut playing a Blue/Yellow Golden Frieza Deck. He lost in top 4 vs Anthony Hernandez’s Bue/Red Vegeta

Marcel Russell – Past Champion Marcel squeezed into top cut by winning his last round in swiss in a do – or – die match. He was his known Blue/Red Vegeta.

Eddie St Hillaire – The Vegeta player tied for having the points necessary to make top cut, unfortunately his tie breakers weren’t good enough and he missed out.

This was the first major event with the new expansion cards added into the meta. It seems like not much has changed and Soul Striker Goku along with Vegeta and Mecha Frieza are still the top played decks.

The next competitive tournaments will be the ARG States tournaments which will feature invitations to the ARG $5,000 tournament. The next regional will be in Charlotte, NC on Feb 24-25.

Who will come out on top?

- Markus Kantarci

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