Deck Profile UY Hirudegarn: 1st Place Los Angeles Regional

Hey everyone Welchy here with a written deck profile of the deck I ran at the 480 player Regional In Los Angeles, CA. You can watch my video profile on the Supah Playaz Channel, and some more details written below!

This weekend we saw Blue/Yellow decks on the rise because of their early aggression and favorism against the Red/Blue SSJ3 decks. Many people experimented with Trunks Storm as made popular by Matthew Coombs (3xG). However I think Hirudegarn is a much better leader because of its supporting cast and awaken ability. Hoi Super Combo is an excellent card to filter and dig with, along side the leader ability to filter with, you always come across cards you want to see.

This deck was a bit more defensive than other Yellow/Blue Hirudegarn because as expected I ran into a lot of other Strorm decks, and in those match ups Flying Nimbus is the nuts!

We also opted to play with the Bardock Great Ape because of its Double Strike, synergy with planet, and a blocker on defense.

The deck naturally puts your opponent to 4 life with ease. Afterwards you need 2 double strike attacks to finish the game. If you keep trying to grind them down from 4 life to 1 with 15k Goten attacks, you are gonna have a bad time….Its much better to opt for 2 – 45-55k Attacks rather than 6-15k attacks.

Best match up for this deck. Red/Blue ssj3 shines after 4 energy however it is very tough for them to survive through all the attacks UY Hiru brings. Not to mention they natively put themselves to 6 life so you have a much easier time to put them to 4 life. Games two and three, if they go first, you will for sure side in Forced Ejection Masked Saiyan and get rid of an energy from them to further put the game into your hands. Usually this match up ends on your 2nd or 3rd energy. If SSJ3 gets to 4 energy then you will have a problem…So keep attacking with Gotens while picking up Unyieldings/Senzu beans and set up your hand so you have 2 40k double stikers ready to go. If they defend the attacks, their hand will be crippled and you will snowball afterwards.

Arguably the hardest match up because the decks are so similar. In the match up you want to mulligan for a Nimbus or Senzu bean. Protect your life early, and DON’T DIE on turn 2! If your opponent rushes you big, try to survive then win on the counter attack. If your opponent plays it slow, then you have a chance to be the one who aggros and take it from there. Remember don’t fall for Nimbus and attack with leader first….Always attack with a Bardock first…

I really think this is one of the best decks in a format that is practically solved.

Storm > SSJ3 Red/Blue > Storm Counters > Storm

So we have a triangle looking format where if your deck counters Storm, it will most likely lose to SSJ3 red/blue. Its going to be difficult to find a new deck that can fit into this format, but we will try! Until the Flute restriction comes into effect I think Storm decks will be at the top. Even after flute…they may slow down, but still will be a big force to deal with.

Thanks for reading If you want to listen to a podcast with Matthew Coombs from 3xG you can check it out below!- Chris Welch

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