Deck Profile: U7 Frieza Victory Strike

Hello everyone, I am Caleb Diaz from the team Piccolo's Day Care that finished Top 8 in the recent Team Wars event in Southern California. We played 5 rounds of swiss and top cut, and the deck I played went 6-0! The deck features the Universe 7 Leader Frieza with many other win conditions, the primary one being the new SCR Goku. Lets get right into it

First and foremost this is a T4 SCR win deck. Of all the games Ive tested around 80% of the time I can get this off consistently.

  1. The play order and strategies:
  2. Aggressive mulligan for Objection and SCR.
  3. Just sit there not attacking and using Frieza leader ability.
  4. Spend the next 3 turns getting the pieces for SCR and take turn 2 or 3 to objection
  5. Leave a yellow open for nimbus/roshi defense.
  6. T4 drop, Play 5-Drop goku, Rip life to Awaken life and gain 10k per use, frieze ability side one and 2, ex evo to full
  7. Bad ring as necessary for Crusher. Swing w SCR on them w added power from 5 drops activate main, spend any super combos reaching on average 100k plus. They should be above 4 life so can't super combo and have to take the hit.

At the Team Wars event, I got this method of a win every single match that wasn't Apes. This includes getting hit with a t4 Cell and dropping all my hand. Against Apes, your strategy shifts a bit.

  • 1) This play is wrecked by any blockers. It also accounts for Mirror match w focused mind Piccolo. I have been able to still pull it off with blockers T5 by laying 5 drop goku t4 then playing 5 drop frieza t5 and using Leader tap ability, and then resuming the combo from there.
  • 2) There are few things that can mess this up besides blockers (Crusher Ball is very strong against it) But if things go south, there's enough defense to survive a turn so its not all in.
  • 3) If the leader is any leader that can easily self Awaken I do not attempt to go SCR route as Explosive/Shugesh is just a bad time.
  • 4) Agro can be a problem if you get hit with an early Cold Bloodlust on your Masked Saiyan
  • 5) Foreseeing Hit can take out your combo pieces

If you want to play safe and not go for SCR, the deck accounts for a lot of the current meta, and really depends on knowing the decks played currently. The thing I really liked about it is the deck isn't aggro so you don't have to make a snap decision and can see what they're playing first on turn 1 and adapt. Ss3 Goku is big on this, but also Ginyu or any yellow leader really. There are a lot of plays that make it so you can maintain momentum to lay down the big boys like Frieza or UI:

Against any aggro, esp Veggies, your Masked Saiyan play is really strong. If I saw it was an aggro leader I would instead aggressively mulligan for Masked. Using Frieza leader ability and cards like objection and U7 Representative you can get masked out as early as turn 2 and continue to get them out every turn thereafter (Providing you get them of course) and just remove Cabbas, U9 Dogs setup, etc.

Also vs Agro, you usually have enough defense with yellow to stay where you want in life, and build various ways to win. My favorite is using 5 drop goku and using his ability to gain 10k into 8 drop goku, swinging twice for triple attack 45k Crit, then 8 drop again for another 3 attacks (Essentially Quintuple Strike). This can also be done T4 and an aggro opponent is usually tapped out.

You have multiple options against apes as building UI Goku is very easy, and can also get off as early as turn 4. I personally would always wait for after March and King Veg then UI Goku them. Also, throwing Frieza on the field and just letting it sit there just ruins their day as well.

Though I haven't been able to test, it should be able to Mirror itself well since it relies on Pemanents and Keyword abilities rather than Autos so if another Frieza is on the field it can either be wiped with UI, or take the single counter life rip and return the favor next turn.

There are tons of techs you can add in and personalize the list to your liking. Shugesh is a big one as it then opens plays for BCC Goku, Explosive, and 1 drop U7 Goku, but I heavily considered cards like Pilaf, U7 Krillin, Overrealm Trunks, Cooler Tyrant

Anyway, I think that about covers it! It took a ton of testing to get it to its current rendition, and I really have Shenronslair to thank for giving inspiration through the community lists, as well as the constant testing with my team and friends.

I like the deck a lot for its ability to switch gears with multiple outs at any given time, and since the Leader ability is not tied to attack you can really set the momentum of the match with smart opening plays.

If you have any questions or want to talk things over please feel free to contact me as I would be happy to accommodate :) Thank you for taking the time to read this, and great job to all in your placings for ToP Release!

Thanks again - Caleb Diaz of Piccolo's Day Care

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