Deck Profile Zamasu: Veggies

Here’s the written deck profile for the Zamasu veggies deck I ran at the San Jose regional event. I went 7-2 and took 35th I was on the bubble for top cut but missed out by criteria. I think this deck will be even better post errata of Mecha Frieza because there isn’t any true weakness to the deck beyond Mecha because it’s the only deck that can be faster at getting its stuff out faster than mine.

  • 4 Saiyan Teamwork Cabba
  • 4 Unstoppable Ambition Super Saiyan Caulifla
  • 4 Hidden Awakening Kale
  • 4 Endless Evolution Broly
  • 4 Terror Scythe Goku Black
  • 4 Trunks Bridge to the Future
  • 2 Son Goten, Family of Justice
  • 4 Whis’s Coercion
  • 4 Unyielding Spirit Trunks
  • 4 Powers Combined, Kibito Kai
  • 4 Senzu Bean
  • 4 Furthering Destruction Champa
  • 2 Scientist Fu
  • 2 Trunks, Power Overseeing Time
  • Sideboard
  • 2 Son Goten, Family of Justice
  • 2 Mafuba
  • 4 Time Ruler Towa
  • 4 Absolute Attack Mira
  • 4 Absolute Attack Mira
  • 3 Haru Haru, Attacker Majin

Now this is an updated deck list. Previously I didn’t have the Broly Cards, I had 4 Raging Spirit Son Gohan. In Playtesting at a locals after regionals I realize that Broly makes a huge difference in the deck based on the extra green needed in the opening hand as well as the added ko effect in the deck it really helps with board control. Also my Sideboard is different. I switched a few unnecessary cards and put in 2 Mafuba and 4 Time Ruler Towa. Overall the deck was really fun and really solid and Zamasu makes a big difference in a lot of matches. Anyway, that’s the deck go ahead and try it out if you liked it and check out my YouTube channel where I should be posting up a video about this deck where I go more in depth about my decisions of some cards as well as some other stuff I wanna play in the future.

Thanks for checking out my deck profile, give it a try and let me know how it goes!

Dakota Romans

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