Gencon - The Positive Plays

This past weekend we had the pleasure of playing DBS for 4 straight days at GENCON 2018. It was a long and tiresome weekend but throughout the event, some things stood out to me. The ethical plays by players. There are always those who create questionable and unethical scenarios but through the negativity, there is a lot of light. I wanted to highlight some personal experiences of good sportsmanships that I encountered, and how we should strive to be positive members of the community like these players.

During Round 2 of the Friday regional, Shenron’s Lair owner Markus Kantarci was coming off a Round 1 loss that happened as time expired. Pairing up vs Brandon Vierra, Brandon noticed Markus was feeling a bit tilted and was being very positive. Then as they start playing, Markus plays Unbreakable Son Goku which says draw a card when you combo with it, but instead of drawing a card from deck, Markus drew from life! A brain-fart mistake that would’ve clearly had repercussions and when Markus asked Brandon if he wanted to call the judge, Brandon politely said no and let it go. The two players shuffled the life and instead of escalating the situation Brandon showed good sportsmanship.

Friday night after an intense day of DBS. Trey Faircloth returned to the hotel room only to realize that his deck box was missing. He made a post online asking if anyone saw it and if they can return it but no one budged. He later fell asleep that night, only to wake up to a photo of Jim McMahan posting the deck box. The deck was returned, we still do not know by who, so if you are reading this, thank you!

Round 3 on Friday, I started the day with two losses. I finally won my first round and I noticed that to the next of me was a deck box from a previous match played. Whoever lost that deck box was about to be 0-3 and have a real bad day. I can only imagine how much worse he felt when he lost his deck box. I returned it the judges booth, so I am sure he was relieved to at least find his deck. I stand by a lot of my good ethics, and I know its biased to say but I did good!

During Saturday Day 2 of regionals, I am trying to prove to my team that yesterdays 0-2 start was a fluke. I was doing fine and in position to make Top 16 again. When in my final round I played against my friend Ryan Severin. Ryan missed out on an invite from the day prior, thus was looking to get his first invite. I decided to scoop it up, so my friend can get his invite despite knowing my time breakers would keep me right out of top 32 prizing!

Mid-way through the rounds on Friday, PPG Elite Member Chris Abella pair up vs Shenron’s Lair player Trey Faircloth. This a high level match between two very skilled players who were undefeated at the time. As the game is coming to an end and as Trey is pushing for game, the infamous time is up, which means the game immediately ends in a draw. However, Chris wanted to see what Trey had in hand, and if he really lost the game if there was a single more minute on clock…Trey showed that he clearly had game, so instead of drawing, Chris Abella conceded the match and gave Trey the win. Chris showed great sportsmanship by sacrificing a point when he didn’t need to.

The FINAL ROUND on Friday regionals. Chris Abella was X-2 or X-1-1 not sure, playing vs Michael who was X-1-1. Michael mentions to Chris that “Oh man I have to play you again, you stopped me from making top cut at a prior regional before!” They playfully banter a bit when Chris who needs to win this game to ensure a Top 32 finish and get a nationals invite says “You know what Michael, you can have the win”. Michael was extremely happy to make it to Top 8 with his Maidens deck. Later on we found out Chris did infact miss Top 32, so he essentially sacrificed his opportunity to get an invite, to make another player happy. Not to mention, his loss before that day was because he gave Trey a win when he could’ve got a draw. Chris was an outstanding person this weekend, and definitely showed the greatest form of sportsmanship in my book. PPG should be proud to have players like Chris.

Well that is all the examples I had of some good sportsmanship at Gencon, what about you?

Thanks for reading,

- Amir Abboushi

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