Pan Atlantic City Tournament Report

Welcome my friends, to another tournament report with my beloved Pan deck. This time, I travelled all the way across the country from one coast to the other. I went from sunny and mild California, all the way to bone chilling Atlantic City, New Jersey for the Pro Play Tour. I played in the main single event on Saturday, and I played in the team event on Sunday. I got to go to this event because of my mom and lovely girlfriend both paying for my plane ticket as a birthday present since my birthday was the following Wednesday. It was quite a treat to be able to play on the east coast for a change. I believe I was also the only west coast representative at the event. With that being said, lets showcase the deck!

The Event

PPG ran an awesome tournament. It was super smooth, and swift with hardly any down time. We had 1 round where we did a repair but that was due to someone incorrectly marking a match result slip, however that was quickly taken care of. Overall, one of the best events I’ve ever attended. Now, on to the rounds!

Round 1: Michael Sanzari, Win 2-0 Androids with cell chain

I didn’t seem to have too much to worry about during our match. He never resolved the cell chain, or super 17 chain, so my hand was always a very comfy 8 – 10 cards. I never gave him the opportunity to have a huge Preemptive Strike turn, so the only time he did play it against me, it didn’t actually hurt my game state too badly. I summoned multiple things to the board each game, and during our second game I even got a Haru Haru to stick on board. I flooded it with about 7 things to attack him with and it just snowballed from there. There wasn’t much he could actually do to keep up. It was also his first official tournament, so I hope he enjoyed our game and will continue to grow in our community.

Round 2: Mark Colon Win 2-0 Hiru Storm

Just the match up I didn’t want to see all weekend. My worst one. Well, I had to make the most of it and so I played extremely tight both games, refusing to take any life that I didn’t have to take. He tried to pressure me a lot, but I kept life high, regardless of hand size, and I was able to pull off a Chain Zen-oh on turn 2 during game one. Post zen-oh I was able to keep pressuring with a time patrol and get him down to 1 life. There wasn’t anything he could do to recover that game. The second game went very similarly, where he just kept taking his own life, and I didn’t really have to hit him at all. I was able to chain zen-oh again and pressure him after. Keeping my life high while sacrificing my hand size is key to winning this match up.

Round 3: Zachery Egner Win 2-0 Mono Blue Hiru Control

This game was fairly easy for my deck. I felt no pressure from him at all. I just had to play around flame cannons, and Pan can do that very well. When most leaders only see 1 new card per turn against hiru, pan is able to see 2. This makes his 4 energy leader effect, along with flame cannons, less effective overall. My deck is also able to adapt to the situation, no matter what kind. Since he was playing control, I just switched to out control him, and I did so by controlling the board both games. Double shots to defend cards and build a bigger board, and hits to interrupt his hand and future plays. The round didn’t last too long and I was able to close it out without too much effort.

Round 4: Sawyer Loss 1-2 Hiru Storm

Sawyer is an excellent storm player, and I did all that I could do to defend myself the first game, but he applied too much pressure and I wasn’t able to fend off all of his attacks the first game. The second game was more so in my favor as I was able to stall him out with me awakened and he was not. He also ran out of 1 drop bardocks so he couldn’t take any of his own life and I knew this because he didn’t grab one with successor of hope when he played it. We both knew what that meant and so I used that to my advantage to build a board and he eventually scooped game 2. Game 3 went more his way. I could’ve played double blue goku on my turn 2 if I had chosen to awaken and play a second one, tapping out on 2 energy. But instead I only played one and awakened to leave energy open for defense. He played the frieza and vegeta combo to pop the one I summoned and proceeded with the assault. I summoned a second one on my 3rd turn and he just popped it again with the same 2 cards. His final swing to finish me was a Mira, with double strike and bad ring laser combo to put me from 2 to dead. Really tough match up and my first loss of the day.

Round 5: Mike Ituiccir Won 2-0 Shenron Gogeta

This round was very quick for me. We finished both games and still had 30 min left in the round. I didn’t even awaken game 1. I stole his shenron with my ginyu and forced him down to 1 life before he could summon vegeta or gogeta and activate their effects. Once I took away his win condition, the game was sealed in my favor.

Round 6: Eon Hill Draw 1-1-1 Shenron Gogeta (On Stream)

Game 1 was heavily in my favor as I got to go first, I saw my 1 drops, my yamchas, my digging deep vegeta, and just put all kinds of pressure on him in the early turns to where I believe I beat him on my turn 4. Game 2 was a bit different. I didn’t get as strong a start as I would have liked and I couldn’t apply too much early pressure. It didn’t help he won the die roll. But I did play hit and rip 2 cards from his hand and then proceed to pressure him, which maybe was the wrong call, because I left him at 1 life and he established the biggest wall of a board with hardly nothing. It was crazy. He walled up and stole the game from me from what seemed like out of nowhere. We couldn’t finish the 3rd game because of time, and there was a little confusion from both of us against the judge on how time proceedures worked, but it got resolved. At the end of it all, I couldn’t kill him on my last turn and he had ripped all my cards from my hand with the demigra secret rare. So, no telling how that game would of ended up but I will say it wasn’t looking good for me, as all I had was after images in hand.

Round 7: Jonathan Taveras Won 2-0 Shenron Gogeta

This seemed to be my most popular match up of the day, and I was ok with it. I had prepped the deck for this specifically and it was performing as I expected it to. I forced him into a position both games where he had to summon the 5 drop gogeta and perform shenrons triple attack with him, which isn’t ideal. He tried to kill me from 6 to dead one game, but I defended off one attack, so he couldn’t kill me. The other was obviously a last-ditch effort to swing for the fences and that didn’t work either. Its hard to paly around after image sometimes, as the card is just too busted when it comes to out comboing something.

Round 8: Didn’t catch the guys name. Draw 1-1-1 Hiru storm (with ape package sided???)

I was so hyped going into the round until I saw the match up. Having to face my worst match up last round wasn’t ideal, but its whatever. I was able to grind out game 1, which took forever. It took 35 minutes. My opponent finally scooped. I had killed all of his gotens and gokus and bardocks, He had nothing left. Just kept delaying the game by defending. I finally was able to close it out. He sided in a bunch of cards and I sided in my blue package. I didn’t actually need the blue, since it never helped me. But I did learn on his fourth turn that he sided in an entire ape package, which also included march of the great apes and prince vegeta ape…. In to his storm deck???? OK… well he summoned bardock ape and vegeta ape and put me from 3 to 1. I was at 3 energy, already awakened. I charged my fourth, tapped out for chain zenoh and drew into After image, 3 double shot vegetas, and 2 5k’s….. like the absolute worst when tapped out at 1 life. He killed me next turn. I look back at the clock… 3 minutes left… /facedesk. Obviously, we couldn’t finish game 3. Even though I tried, and when I got my final turn, he had double senzu bean and flying numbus + yellow cards with him at 5 life…. G fucking G to my tournament.

Overall Record: 5-1-2 Finishing 23rd out of 205.

Still not the worst… but I hold myself to a higher standard and believe I can top and with an event with Pan. To end in a draw in that kind of fashion was very disappointing. The event was very well run though and I had a wonderful time seeing and hanging out with a lot of my friends from the east coast.

Very quickly Id like to go over my day 2 experience through the team wars.

My fellow shenron team mate Jose and I needed a 3rd person for the event, however we couldn’t find anyone to play with us. While we were on site at the venue, Jose meets up with one of his friends named Matt Bouvarnick. He needed a team as well and he was playing mono yellow broly, which was perfect for us since Jose could play shenron and I could play pan. So, we recruit him and name ourselves Team Bouvarnick Plague (not to be confused with Volcanic plague).

There were 6 rounds of swiss and both Jose and I won all of our games. We were 6-0, which meant that it didn’t matter if Matt won his games or not. Two key players that I got the pleasure of playing against were Justin Rios from PPG and Jordan Markle, our national champion. I do feel like I need to mention how I ended up luck sacking (I wont even sugar coat it, cause that’s purely what it was) Jordan in out game

Jordan played flawlessly. In every aspect he had every right to win that game. He combed to the exact number needed every time to either strip me of all my cards in hand, or inflict damage. Nothing was wasted. He got to his 4th energy turn and I placed Zeno on top of my deck for his leader swing. He tried to put me to 2 life by an all-in attack with his 1 drop but I spent every card in my hand except chain attack defending t so I wouldn’t die to a double strike that was going to follow. He passed his turn and I realized I made a grave mistake. I only had chain attack and zen oh in hand, but I was a 3 energy. I couldn’t play it. I showed him the cards and it was looking like it was game over. I talked out loud of some of the odds hat could happen where I had 3 chain attack in deck, but 2 possible zen on, and I had to chose one to charge. So I charged the zen oh. I swung with leader swing to Jordan’s 1 life, and off the top of the deck I rip a zen oh…. He couldn’t believe he. I couldn’t believe it. He defended the attack, I reset the board. Swung with zen oh post mull, combed out to 40k and he could only match me 40k and so it was game. I flipped over my life I wouldn’t taken off his previous attack to me, and it was my last Zen oh…. I actually only had 1 in deck to draw and just happened to top deck it. We were blown away. The game didn’t matter as we were both making it to the top cut teams, but it was still amazing.

My team ended up losing to Justin Rios’ ppg+1 team next round in a rematch from early in swiss and we got knocked out. I really enjoyed the format though and I enjoyed playing against some high caliber players. Being the only west coast player and playing Pan, I felt like I left an impact on some people. I also had players coming up to me just to meet me and say I’m the pan dude, which is an awesome feeling to be recognized in itself. Makes me really appreciate all of you reading my articles.

I wish PPG was doing another event on the west coast, but one can only hope for the future. If you haven’t gone to one by PPG, you should really check them out. Their events are some of the smoothest around. They also have some really good prices on cards and are understanding when things aren’t matching the same. They even price matched a guy in person at their vendors when he showed them a price listed online much lower than what they had displayed. Check out their future events at

I will be attending the event in Las Vegas on Feb 16th and 17th, so I hope I will see a lot of you there. However, if you can’t make it, there is another option for you as PPG is running an event in Atlanta that very same weekend. So whichever coast you are, do try your best to go to an event and support your competitive scene. If you do end up going to Vegas, please come up and say hi. It’d be nice to talk to ppl who read my articles. I will be that dude playing the pan deck, as I’m the Pan Man, and I’m not afraid to let everyone know it. Until next time my friends, stay super!

-Tim Palacios

-Shenron’s Lair

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