Willie Newsome's Shenron Gogeta Deck Profile & Interview

Hey guys! Jamal Moultrie from Shenron’s Lair and I am bringing you today the long awaited deck profile and experience from Willie Newsome, who managed to pilot his Shenron Gogeta deck to a 4th place finish this past weekend at the first ever Dragon Ball Super National Championship.

How long have you been playing the game?

Willie: I’ve been playing the game since Union Force and have enjoyed it ever since.

Can you tell us about any accomplishments you had so far?

Willie: My biggest accomplishment before nationals was topping the Richmond regional with SS3 Storm.

Tell us about your preparation going into Nationals

Willie: I actually had zero to little preparation for nationals as bold as it sounds I kinda went in with my deck played well at our case tournaments so it should do well mentality. But seeing cards over the span of Thursday and Friday between testing and observing, I changed it to my final list at like 3 am. But I did have Storm in my bag if testing my deck didn’t go so well or felt uncomfortable playing Shenron.

Deck List

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Tell us about your Day 1 experience. Your matchups? Anything memorable?

Willie: My day 1 experience was something. No Storm for one until last round. Idk how I dodged that bullet but I guess like people are saying it’s about your matchups...
  • Shenron U/Y great match I knew his deck was kinda better than mine because he drew infinite cards with personal ambition and had nimbus in his deck also maybe bad ring. But I didn’t want to really see this match up again
  • Shenron U/R 2-0 he played Zeno. It was an interesting deck.
  • Pan(Tim P. from Shenron’s Lair) He literally destroyed me game 1. Game 2 was me just playing sneak attack Vegeta and dominating his hand and he searched chain attack the turn prior off of everybody’s pal Yamcha and put it on top of deck as last card in hand. So I give him one life and have infinite on board and hand. What’s the one life? Zenoh, gg.
  • Shenron U/Y Felt like this deck was the best deck again but I hit 5 energies before him and Gogeta(7drop) cleaned up.
  • Soul Striker mono blue I Gogeta’d him. He drew Mafuba he didn’t have a real play after that. Game 2 he Gogeta’d me. Game 3 I Gogeta him.
  • Pan (Travis Washburn) Game 1 Gogeta came late and I really almost lost the turn prior but Gogeta is really powerful. Game 2 seems like he bricked because he wasn’t really doing many plays. And passed a couple of times.
  • Shenron mirror (Justin Rosenburg) I won the die roll so I got to 5 first. Game 2 he missed objection and that was it.
  • Janemba (My boy Brendan Faircloth aka Trey) Game 1 I Gogeta’d him he had 2 negates and didn’t kill me next turn so gg. And game 2 he decked me out. Then draw in time.
  • Storm (3rd place Miguel) We had a crazy long game 1 and it ended in a draw game 3. Day 1 record 6-1-2 21st place

Now tell us about that exciting Day 2 and your top 32 games

  • he was playing more aggressive than Trey. And got my life to zero.
  • I Gogeta him he negated twice then couldn’t really capitalize.
  • I want to say all cost Vegeta one me that game.

  • It was back and forth, close game.
  • He seemed to hit most his balls in life

  • didn’t grab my 7th ball. Thought I only saw one in deck. I would have dropped Gogeta turn 3 (sad face)
  • Gogeta wrapped things up
  • was crazy and if he had anything to combo with over his deadly defender he probably would have won.

Jordan Markle he destroyed me. 2-0 timely. And 3rd/4th place went to game 3 with Jordan Beard. But Storm isn’t my matchup.

How would describe your nationals experience and any advice for newer players wanting to join the game?

Willie: Nationals was an amazing experience. I wish 4th got more recognition but it’s all good. And to people thinking about getting into the game it’s pretty much cheaper than Yu-gi-oh but is like magic strategy wise. And you never get tired of looking at the cards.

Thanks for reading, I hope you guys enjoyed it. Special thanks to Willie Newsome for talking with me about his national’s experience! If you have any comments please let us know!

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