Top 5 Colossal Warfare Green Cards

The release of Colossal Warfare is a week away! New cards are being added to the pool, that will bring a lot of excitement. Lets get straight into it and discuss what we at Shenron's Lair think are the Top 5 most usable Green cards!

Gift of Power Guru may seem like a small useless card, but he is a low cost investment that may pay off big time.

If we were in set 2 format with lots of heavy removal options, Guru wouldn't make our list. However, decks are playing fewer and fewer removal cards and letting 1 drops live longer by saving removal for higher priority targets.

Guru gains value over time, simply making all your battle cards have an extra 5k without having to combo a card is great! In the green archtype you can make the Pirina Crit card a 25k instead 20k, or you can overrealm a Masked Saiyan and make it a 25k! Giving your opponent more power to deal with.

Best part of Guru is that, he is highly splashable in any deck, doesn't require any type of Namekian.

  • Decks that like to attack every turn
  • Green Crit Deck
  • Decks that can play many battle cards

As long as Guru survives, he becomes more and more valueable. However he is still weak to removal.

The first Piccolo Super Rare is definitely worthy of his status. A 20k Barrier, Double Striker beater, that has an easy Bond condition.

As long as you have another battle card in play Piccolo can KO a battle card every single turn. The condition is very easy to meet, have no battle cards? Overrealm a Time Patrol Trunks, now you have 2 battle cards.

The barrier on this card is also no joke...The only way to remove him is by swinging into it and having a base 20k means a leader swing is not enough and you make your opponent spend a lot of resources.

  • SSJ3 Green
  • Leader with untap awaken ability
  • Mid Range Decks that put pressure after turn 4

The biggest risk with Piccolo is playing it for 4 and tapping out. However with SSJ3 leader, that is no problem...

I know what you are thinking...Whaaat? A 5-cost?? In this format??

Well yes! It is a 5-cost in this format, but the pay off for Reign of Terror King Piccolo is so much value for 5 energy

King Piccolo comes into play with 25k Dual attack, which means he matches almost any other 5 drop in power. He is a great tool to get rid of battle cards without having to combo so much.

In addition, his effect to discard him and untap 1 energy provides you with a small safety cushion that replaces himself anyway.

Using his ability to drop a Kami's Power Piccolo or Dash Pack Piccolo provides even more value when they can also KO a card.

In short with King Piccolo for 5 energy you get:

  1. 25k Attack Swing
  2. 25k Attack Swing
  3. Untap 1 Energy
  4. KO A Battle Card
  5. 20k Attack Swing with Barrier

In testing, I love this card, and think he has potential to do great things, the only problem is steadily getting to 5 energy.

  • SSJ3 Leader
  • Soul Striker with Objection


Now I know this guys name, and wow what a beautiful card. Anilaza is one of the few cards that have an impactful effect on both players turns.

Once per turn, Whenever the opponent combo's they discard one card...Amazing value, every time you swing into your opponent with your leader, they will have to either take the hit, or combo 1 card to defend and lose 1 card to Anilaza.

Not to mention, every time your opponent decides to do some damage to you and combo up, they have to lose extra resources...

Then on top of this beastly effect, Anilaza has Barrier! Which means as long as you keep him in active mode, he is safe from a majority of decks

The 4 energy cost may seem high for a card that doesn't impact the board, but bringing him out first while the board is in control, is a huge advantage to you.

Anilaza is a great fit in a deck that can ramp to 4 early. I know we keep saying SSJ3 Leader for all these cards...but that's a debate for a different time.

  • SSJ3 Goku
  • Soul Striker with Objection
  • Mecha Frieza
  • Feeling Bold? Ginyu Veggies

Pretty sure we all saw this coming, but New Found Power Gohan tops our list as the best green card in this set

Gohan's effect is similar to Saiyan Cabba and it could've been identical and stil top our list. Green was lacking with self awakening cards, Tien was too costly..Gohan is a great fit for that role

Providing with Critical to not give the opponent 2 cards like Cabba does, and self-awakening is a tool that will help the Green archtype.

Also, being a one drop, means he is very splashable and an early game option for many decks.

Overall, NewFound Power Gohan will be the most played green card from Colossal Warfare.

  • Any deck with Green
  • Aggro decks
  • Mid Range decks that need a self awakening option

Just look at this jolly fella.

Thank you very much for taking the time to read my review, come back tomorrow for red cards! - Markus Kantarci

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