Top Cut Talks #2: Anthony Hernandez

Hello everyone today we interview the Prince of all Saiya..wait no the GOD of DB..I don't know officially yet, but top player nonetheless Anthony Hernandez!

Anthony Hernandez

New York City

4 Horsemen

Blue/Red Vegeta


How does Dragonball Super compare to other card games you played?

Anthony: The game mechanics are much different from most of the other games I played such as Naruto, Bleach, Yugioh, Zatch Bell, Vanguard, etc. however the most interesting part of this question is the similarities. DragonBall Super borrows different methods of play from all our other favorite TCG’s such as energy which is equivalent to mana in Magic the Gathering.

What cards in set 3 are you most excited for?

God Anthony: Honestly, I want a new format so cards like machines are very interesting with lowering battle cards stats. I feel as a player we need to be challenged more so now.

What is something you would like to see added to the game?

Prince Anthony: Bigger and better tournaments. Possibly a monetary prize that’s at least anywhere from 5,000 to 10,000 for 1st place. Games that are supported should give back to the community that puts in effort to travel and compete in their events.

How do you feel the current state of Organized play is? Happy with the ARG regionals?

Anthony: I don’t like the OP for this game because we don’t even have a ranking system which in my opinion is very important. You allow players to be recognized for their dedication and perseverance at events. This aspect also creates more competition when you see how far you are from other players. ARG is doing a cool job however the prizing is very stale and it’s not their fault necessarily. Bandai needs to give more incentive to travel and compete because if not the tournament numbers will drop instead of grow.

How do you decide to play a certain deck for a big tournament. Example Vegeta vs Cell what makes you pick one or the other?

Anthony: Honestly it’s a meta call with what I’m comfortable playing in several match ups. I used cell for 3 regionals and then decided to play something much more easier in my last. You can see the difference lol one took more skill and difficulty in matches while the others were easy and one sided for the most part. This is why players should switch it up so they can experience different perspectives and grow as a player.

What kind of preparation do you do for a large tournament such as regionals?

Anthony: Not much, I don’t play much as I use to so I let my mind rest. If you train in or out of a gym and you’re ready for a show. You should let your body rest and get ready for all the hard work you put in to pay off. Practice often, and make sure that you understand the flaws to your deck. Once you know this you can prepare accordingly but don’t over think it. Try to improve on the other match ups you know you will encounter and make sure you are prepared.

You have made top cut in every event you attended, and finished 2nd. What can you say helps you succeed in DBS?

Anthony: Thank you 1st off and what helps me is my understanding of how this game works. Once you can identify with value in a trading card game you then can proceed to abuse the better cards to your favor. It also helps that I’ve been playing games like this for over 10 years since I was 13 years old.

"Freehan" "Black Trunks"...Why!?

Anthony: Why not? Freehan is a free Gohan that costs 1 energy lol and trunks is black, he’s a black card, the only black card currently out.

You are very successful at this game and genuinely care for the growth, why do you think you still receive bad reputations from the community?

Anthony: Well I tell things how it is. If a card is bad, it’s not good by any means, only situational for ex. Objection. The card allows you to get ahead of your opponent however with a major downside. Hand advantage is very important in this game and losing it can cost you the game. Mecha frieza is a rare card that makes this one very good because it becomes only a minus one instead of 2. It also can break even once awaken which makes certain plays very interesting. Overall the community is mostly built on people who don’t take criticism too well. We all have opinions but some as I always have said will hold more weight based on who’s talking. If a doctor is giving me an opinion on a symptom I know barely about, it would most likely be in my better interest to listen. If a pro in any sport or game is giving advice I would suggest listening.
I love that people are enjoying this game in community but I would like to see better competition.

How do you handle the negativity people throw at you?

Anthony: I ignore it or make jokes out of it now these days. The only thing that hurts is when my channel was being effected and sadly still is. I lose subs often or I’ll get some really bad comments that I have to delete.

Who is your favorite player besides your self?

Anthony: Peter Cattani and Marcel Russell. But Peter is 1st since he is the best player in the game right now based on performance.

Any cosplays to events we can expect from you?

Anthony: Oh yes most certainly! I’m getting fit again so expect some cosplays based on my favorite characters and of course based off of what I will be playing. Side note you will see me and Jiren go at it very soon in the cosplay department.

Are you The God Of DBS or The Prince of all Saiyans? Can't be both man!

Anthony: I am both lol but I’ll hold on to the title of The God Of DBS! I just need to win 1 of these regionals so I could solidify myself as a contender for the best player.

Thanks Anthony for giving us this fun interview. If you would like to support Anthony, make sure to check out his youtube channel here. He recently posted his 2nd place Vegeta Deck profile that dominated Indy regionals!

Tune in next week as we interview Indy Regional Winner Chris Abella!

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