Top Cut Talks #4: Eddie St. Hilaire

Welcome to another episode of Top Cut Talks featuring the CAPTAIN Eddie St. Hilaire!

Eddie St. Hilaire

Queens, New York

Pro-Play Games

Blue/Green Vegeta

No color just Vegeta

How does Dragonball Super compare to other card games you played?

Eddie: I've only played Yu-Gi-Oh prior to playing DBS TCG. Even though I enjoy both games, I favor DBS TCG over Yu-Gi-Oh because DB is my favortie anime of all time and DBS TCG community is closer and allows for more flexibilty when it comes to deck building/creation.

What cards in set 3 are you most excited for?

Eddie: I honestly haven't reviewed cards from set 3 as I am focused on what's in front of me in order to finally take home a championship.

You and PPG Participate in almost every regional, so lets talk about the regionals

How do you feel the current state of Organized play is? Happy with the ARG regionals?

Eddie: I feel the current state of Organized play is fairly healthy at the moment. I love the great job that Jim, Max and staff have done running these ARGs and wish that Bandai would allocate more prize support for these events as sometimes travel expenses cost more than the actual winnings, also funding for our fantastic Commentator Dusty O'Brien for all of his hard work!

What makes you so confident in Vegeta, that you decide to play it every tournament?

Eddie: Honestly out of all the DB characters I relate to Vegeta the most because on the outside some see me as being cocky, overconfident, etc but realistically I pride myself in playing/testing to the best of my ability in order to become the GOAT (Greatest Of All Time) of DBS TCG!

How important is side deck and how do you build one?

Eddie: Side decks are really underated in this game as I feel that side decks provide you options to combat against your weaker matchups by allowing you to have access to cards that would normally be bricks in your main deck against the greater half of the current meta.

What kind of preparation do you do for a large tournament such as regionals?

Eddie: Playtest vs my son, Marcel Russell. Image training. OCTGN. Theorycrafting. Last but not least resting.

You consistently make top cut, but haven't reached to the finals, what do you think you need to do in order to get there?

Eddie: I'm humble to to say that I've reached top 32 in every single every regional that I've attened to date (Interview before Charlotte), through some fierce competition. I feel as if I let my team down at ARG Orlando because I feel as that was the tournament where I was to destined to become champion but ill preparation for rougue match-ups resulted in a 2-1 top 16 lost against Trunks. I was either 6-0 before losing to him in rd 7 and then lost to him again in top 16. Hats off to Bearded Collectible's Allan Alleman as that event he completely outplayed me.

Time for the answers we really want to hear...

Who can bench press the most on PPG?

Eddie: I want to say myself unless Peter benches more than 295 than it's him. Alejandro looks like he works out as well.

Marcel looks like a nice person, too nice...but he keeps crushing everyone, is he secretly an evil player that enjoys knocking people out of tournaments?

Eddie: I call Marcel Russell my son because I first met him in the beginning of set 1 where online tournaments were a huge thing and consistently in the finals would be him and I. Back then I was unstoppable with my VeGeTa/Goku build that I created to 2-0 anybody who crossed my path and Marcel ran Ginyu. I reached out to him after our 2nd Championship match together, showed him de wai to VeGeTa and he has been dominating ever since. I'm proud of the player he has become and told him that the day would come where he would be the best player in the game. I wouldn't necessary say he's an evil person but I will say with some groming, personal growth and hard work Marcel Russell's power level is over 9000!

How would you describe each member on the team in terms of a dragonball player? Ex. Who is Yamcha?

Eddie: We are neither Yamacha, Uganda or Ebola...we are the de true wai....we are PPG!

What is it about Florida that breeds all the ARG champions?

Eddie: I wouldn't say it soley being in just so happens to be the most determined minds are located here. For example, our store owner George Machado both understands and plays DBS TCG & even his fianace play TCGs. When you have store owners like that it will naturally go well for the community and it's players as they will go out of their way to ensure the growth and success of the game. Even cross town rivals, Bearded Collectibles owner, Allek P. shows his determination and effort to help the community and his players grow as one instance where I visited his store he went out of his way to find and obtain promos for his players when he didn't have to do so.

Who is your favorite player besides your self?

Eddie: I'm biased towards Marcel Russell & Alejandro Mena as those were my personal first 2/3 nominations for players to be on the team but I love my players the same and hold ALL of them to a high expectation. Favorite NON-PPG player is 100% hands down Bearded Collectibles Dairon Roman.

Who is the mad scientist on PPG, who comes up with weird cheesy decks that somewhat work?

Eddie: 100% Peter Cattani!

Thanks Eddie for giving us this fun interview. Good luck to you and your team during the super release tournaments!

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