Top Cut Talks #1: Trey Faircloth

Hello everyone today we interview Trey Faircloth of Kitchen Table Meta formerly of Wiseguys. Trey has been a very successful DBS player, always doing well in major tournaments. Lets get straight to the questions!

Trey Faircloth

Autryville, North Carolina

Kitchen Table Meta

Soul Striker Goku


How does Dragonball Super compare to other card games you played?

Trey: I've played a number of other card games from fast paced Yugioh, to similar games like magic the gathering/Pokemon/force of will and this game is a nice mixture of the games I've played before and it feels really rewarding when you win a good match.

What cards in set 3 are you most excited for?

Trey: I'm really excited to play the new red cards. Red is my favorite color in MTG and I love to be aggressive while being on tempo so I'm interested in seeing how to do so while maintaining good matchups across the board.

How do you feel the current state of Organized play is? Happy with the ARG regionals?

Trey: I love the regional setups and the compensation for entry is awesome but I would love the top cut prizing to be a little better. I also think it's awesome that ARG gave us a kick start to the initial regionals but it would be nice if we didn't have a low cap for entries.

How do you decide to play a certain deck for a big tournament. Example Soul Striker vs Cell what makes you pick one or the other?

Trey: Coming from competitive Yugioh I think it's best to play the deck with the best matchups and the highest ceiling and that's what Soul striker is currently.

How important is side deck and how do you build one?

Trey: I'll be honest siding in the current format isn't that important in most matchups for my deck because it is so versatile but in other decks like Vegeta, androids where they have almost unwinnable matchups it becomes a bigger deal. Siding direct counters to your opponent's strategy is key and recognizing not every card in your deck is good against every deck is where to start. Then thinking what could I take this out for to give myself a better chance without sacrificing consistency.

What kind of preparation do you do for a large tournament such as regionals?

Trey: Well I tend to not play test so much right before the event because it will put too much pressure on my mental and I'll overthink simple situations. I play the same deck for awhile before the event I know is coming, get comfortable against every matchup and know my gameplan.

There seems to be a trend of you dominating swiss, then falling in top cut, what do you think you need to do to get further and win it all?

Trey: Practicing against the deck or decks I have a bad matchup against more and more until I can consistently beat that matchup. (Hand Destruction, Red Vegeta) I sometimes over simplify matchups just to make myself feel more comfortable going into an event so I'm not so worried about playing against it which leads to my downfall in topcut.

Are the days of Champa over?

Trey: I still have my Champa Deck and it changes as we get new cards and the format shifts.

Who is your favorite player besides yourself?

Trey: My favorite player to watch so far has to be Peter Cattani and I've learned some things from him that I haven't seen other players do and it just drives me to become better as a player!

You recently moved to Kitchen Table Meta, what's happening to WiseGuys?

Trey: Wiseguys is still my Yugioh team, my YouTube channel isn't changing, Scotch is now the DBS team captain and I will be representing KTM, Ultimate Guard, Meta Mats and Super Collectibles at events! I'm really excited to be a part of this new team!

Since you moved to KTM and are now team mates with Jordan Markle, does he make the calls on what hat swag to wear? Is his hat game as strong as yours?

Trey: We just kind of wear whatever hat we are feeling that day! Mr. Markle needs to step his hat game up a little though!!

In a tournament of power between KTM and PPG, how would it go down?

Trey: Jiren (Peter) vs Goku (myself) in the end obviously. In all due respect I can't wait for team wars with the squad. No matter how it finishes we are all friends and a big family in the end.

Thanks Trey for giving us this fun interview. If you would like to support Trey, make sure to check out his youtube channel here. He recently posted a Vegito Deck profile that might shake up your local meta.

Tune in next week as we interview Anthony Hernandez!

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