Weekend Wrap-Up - ARG Charlotte: Fear The Beard

Over 300+ Players competed this past weekend at the Charlotte North Carolina regionals. Bearded Collectibles from Florida made a dominating statement by having 8 players in Top Cut and eventually winning with Antonio Condello!

Kitchen Table Meta also had a successful run, with member John Tatta having a 2nd place finish.

Looks like another tournament in which the winner is from Florida…

Lets take a deeper look into what exactly happened this past weekend!

With over 300 players, Charlotte featured 9 rounds of swiss.

  • The tournament featured mainly Frieza, Vegeta and Soul Striker Goku
  • 12x Mecha Frieza
  • 8x Vegeta
  • 7x Soul Striker Goku
  • 2x Golden Frieza
  • 2x Androids

Click here to see full standings and top cut deck lists!

  • Team Player Counts:
  • 8x Bearded Collectibles
  • 5x Kitchen Table Meta
  • 3x Pro-Play Games
  • 2x Team Plus Ultra Z
  • 1x Wiseguys

Click here to see full challonge bracket!

There were no plans to stream the Charlotte regionals, however last minute fans were provided by a high quality stream from Dusty of Kitchen Table Meta.

Dusty paired up with PPG’s George Machado to provide commentary. The stream cut short during top cut when Dusty’s data limit was capped, but thanks to many players and supporting staff, Dusty was able to get a back up hotspot and stream most of top cut!

You can watch all the live footage from the Kitchen Table Meta Twitch account right here!

For the first time, most of the Pro-Play Games members did not make top cut.

Past champions Peter Cattani, Alejandro Mena, and Chris Abella all missed top cut. Only Marcel Russell, Justin Rios and Juan Brand Escobar made it.

Marcel opted to play Soul Striker instead of his signature Vegeta leader. He lost in top cut vs Anthony Hernandez

Although PPG didn’t show up strong this time, they are still one of, if not the most successful team in Dragonball Super CCG.

George Machado did a fantastic job on stream complementing Dusty.

Make sure to check out their Super Release and Team Wars tournaments!

Anthony Hernandez has continued to make Top Cut at every event he has attended. Coming off his 2nd place finish in Indianapolis, he made it to Top 8 eventually falling to Kitchen Table Meta’s John Tatta.

After missing out on Indy Regionals, the Hill brothers made it to Charlotte and Erich Hill finished top 16, meanwhile Eon Hill placed top 8 in the 1k tournament afterwards.

Arguably having their best showing yet, Kitchen Table Meta had a very successful run in Charlotte.

John Tatta was featured many times on the stream and made his way to the finals. After a crucial mistake in top 4 in which he played Trunks, Protector of Children at 5 life, he was able to come back and win the match 2-1. In the finals, John faced against a brutal Frieza match up in which during game 2, he ran into 3 cold bloodlusts and double whis coercions. Nevertheless a successful run for John and KTM.

  • Other highlights from KTM:
  • Sawyer Diehl: Top 8 Finish
  • Claudio Alcivar: Top 16 Finish
  • Trey Faircloth: Top 32 Finish
  • DannyHype Phongsavath: Top 32 Finish

Bearded Collectibles came to conquer this weekend and they did. With 8 players making top cut, and adding another trophy to their collection (not shattered this time), they made a statement that they are one of the teams to watch out for.

During swiss rounds, the top 3 players were all from Bearded Collectibles. Orlando Champion Jorge Fernandez finished 3rd in swiss but fell to PPG Juan Brand Escobar in top cut. Jorge then played in the 1k ARG Tournament and proceeded to go undefeated.

Previous teammates Scotch and Patrick Kowal faced off each other in Top 32. Patrick went on to win that match then lost to his teammate and eventual winner Antonio Condello.

Antonio Condello had one of the best runs in Top Cut. As far as our knowledge goes, he did not lose a single game in Top Cut and destroyed everyone with his Green/Blue/Yellow Mecha Frieza. He is the 2nd Bearded Collectibles player to win a championship!

The next regional will be on the west coast in San Jose, California. There are already a confirmed 300+ registrants, make sure to sign up here. It will feature the first set 3 meta, and will feature our own Shenron’s Lair competitive team, who will be on top this time?

- Markus Kantarci

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