Weekend Wrap-Up: ARG States

What an exciting weekend with ARG States tournaments happening all over the nation. Players were competing for the lucractive Top 8 mat, and an inivte to the $5,000 tournament hosted by ARG in August. The Facebook community discussion group was full of deck profiles people ran, streams from local shops, and the good times people had at these events.

We would like to congratulate all the winners and top place finishers! Hope to see everyone at the ARG Inivitational 5k tournament!

The main attraction of the event was the State tournament 1k that was help at Pro-Play Games Florida, and streamed by Kitchen Table Meta. It was an awesome stream and fun event, which once again crowned a PPG victor, Peter Cattani

In other news, Shenron's Lair announced their competitive team which you can check out here. We hope to finally bring down the titans of PPG, in San Jose. We are in the works of creating a team battle, if you guys are interested make it known!

The Florida ARG States hosted by PPG, featured many high level players. The PPG Squad had home field advantage and Peter Cattani was able to take it down. During swiss rounds Marcel once again finished on top. Peter, Eddie, Marcel and Chris from PPG all placed top cut. Other players such as Jorge Fernandez of Team Bearded also finished in top cut.

Dusty from Kitchen Table Meta commentated and put together a flawless stream for the community to watch. You can always count on some fun moments when the duo of Dusty and Scotch is on screen.

We were able to go through each and every post on the Facebook Community Discussion group and try to piece together all the winners of the events this past weekend. If you do not see your store/name on the list, send us a message and we will add you right on in!

    • Winner: Marin Morrissette
    • Top Cut: Gabi Morissette
    • Winner: Augi Wallace
    • Top Cut: Dylan Rawson, Kreed Perry, Eric Bradford, Dylon Tolbert, Shane Early, Shane pelzel, Cory Gladish
    • Winner: Dakota Simmons
    • Winner: Gabriel Aguilar
    • Top Cut: Tim Palacios, Andy Pham-Nguyen, Kelly Cartwright
    • Winner: Steve Aragon
    • Top Cut: Juan Romero, Rolando Robles, Hector Herrera, Bryan Samual, David Du, Anthony Servellon, Erick Ramirez
    • Winner: Peter Cattani
    • Top Cut: See Image above!
    • Winner: Collin Kaiser
    • Winner: Patrick Kowal
    • Top Cut: Stephen Cooley, Donnie Huynh, James Slocum, Sean Ackerman, Ahmed Ali, Josh Yawn
    • Winner: Jon Harty
    • Winner: Eric Mack
    • Top Cut: Brian Poarch, Chris Jester, Tyler Rice, Cesar Sheen, Jessee Baas, Travis Bright, Chance Hutton
    • Winner: Andrew Leonard
    • Winner: Ricardo McBride
    • Top Cut: Chris Waters
    • Winner: Devin Banham
    • Winner: Cody Johnson
    • Winner: Edward Rivera & Conor Woods Die roll, Connor won!
    • Winner: Zachary Miller
    • Winner: Scott Wiggs
    • Top Cut:Trey Faircloth, Matthew Lenihan, Frank Miller, Scott Mayer, Jonathan Gilford, Claudio Alcibar, Christopher Cabral
    • Winner: Dylan Demski
    • Winner: Unknown..
    • Top Cut:CJ Aguirre
    • Winner: Oscar
    • Top Cut: Nate Johnson

- Markus Kantarci

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