Shenron's Lair Team

Chris 'Welchy' Welch

 Bay Area, California

Chris is one of the most influencial deck builders in the Dragonball Super Card Game. His performance as a player and deck builder show when he first created the Hiru Storm deck taking him to a 1st place finish at the Los Angeles Regional, also paving the way to the eventual banning of the cards required to make the deck. He also created the infamous Hercule deck, which placed high at many events.

Tim Palacios

 Vacaville, California
  SS2 Gohan!

Tim has extensive Dragonball experience dating back to the Panini games. He is a constant threat by consistently placing at the top tables. He is infamous for his dedication to playing the Pan leader, granting him multiple top place finishes.

Markus Kantarci

 Fresno, California

Team owner and player, Markus has been a prominent figure in the Dragonball community. Creating Shenron's Lair to bring local communities together and enhance their DBS experience by providing top notch articles and a deck builder.

Amir Abboushi

 Tracy, California

One can not simply describe Amir. He is one of the funnest people to be around. His character is not the only thing we love about him, but so is his skills at thinking outside the box. He created and piloted Shenron Vegito to a Top 8 finish at Las Vegas, as well as placing top cut at Gencon.

Gabe Aguilar

 Vacaville, California

The very definition of boom or bust, Gabe either wins events or scrubs out. He has won the Vegas 1k, and local State championships. He trains vigirously to win a high level regional soon!

Caleb Williamson

 Fresno, California

The supplier of goods and chef, Caleb has a top 16th finish at the Los Angeles regionals. He is looking to perform more during the upcoming season at the celebration events in San Diego.